Experience Kauai like never before with our doors off tour. You will feel the cool breeze as you fly by Kauai’s most beautiful landscapes– ranging from waterfalls, canyons, sea cliffs, beaches, and more. There is nothing but your camera between you and the island’s most picturesque views, making it the ideal option for photographers. Thrilling yet safe, this is the tour for those seeking to add a little adventure to their visit.

  • MD Hughes 500
  • 60-65 minute tour
  • Up to 4 passengers
  • $309 per person


Explore Kauai from the comfort of our 6-passenger AStar, designed for providing a smooth and safe ride with all the luxuries. The aircraft is equipped with top of the line Bose noise-cancelling headphones and a plush interior. Our spacious cabin has floor to ceiling windows for optimal viewing. With all these features and an air-conditioned cabin, you will feel like a celebrity while flying around beautiful Kauai. 

  • Eurocopter AStar
  • 60-65 minute or 90-95 minute tour
  • Up to 6 passengers
  • $289 per person (60-65 minute tour)
  • $434 per person (90-95 minute tour)