History of Jack Harter Helicopters

How it all started..

Jack brought his first helicopter to Kauai back in 1962. His dream was to start his own helicopter business on the island offering tours, charters, and utility services. A man named Raymond Burr was so impressed by Jack and his tour of the island that he decided to invest in him. This opportunity led Jack to open Jack Harter Helicopters. He flew a variety of aircrafts throughout his founding years, such as the Bell 47G, Bell 47J, Hiller FH1100, and Sikorsky S-53. 

In his early days, Jack had gained special permission to land on the infamous Na Pali Coastline and would stop in places like Kalalau, Honopu, and Nualolo. But as tourism in Hawaii grew so did the popularity of helicopter tours on the islands. Due to this, Jack decided to give up his permission to land in order to protect the natural environment. Thus, preventing any future tour landings on the coastline.

As the demand for tours and utility work grew, Jack began hiring other pilots and office staff to assist him. Originally it was just Jack and his wife, Bev, running the entire operation. The competition on Kaua’i for helicopter tours was getting tough; at one point there were 12 companies flying around the island. Despite the competition, Jack Harter Helicopters has been able to stay in business for the past 50+ years, maintaining its status as the original helicopter tour company on the island. We are so thankful to our loyal customer base and our hardworking staff for making it all possible. 

In 2005 Jack Harter Helicopters pioneered the first ever Doors-off helicopter tour on Kauai, flown in our MD 500. We wanted a way for photographers to capture the pure raw beauty of the island without glare from windows. Once we tried it out, we realized the experience was much more than just better photographs. Flying without doors allows you to be fully immersed in the environment while adding a bit of adventure and thrill to the experience.

As of today we operate with 4 MD 500s, 1 Airbus A-star, 6 pilots and 32 total employees. We are so grateful for the opportunities we have had over the years and for your continued support. We love being able to share the beauty of our home with you and hope to see you soon.