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Jack brought his first helicopter to Kauai in 1962. He had visited the island and knew from his initial experience that the best way to view the spectacular and rugged beauty of Na Pali, the Waimea Canyon, and Wai’ale’ale would be from the safety and comfort of a helicopter. 

From those earliest days, Jack recognized Kauai as a special place which needed to be presented to his passengers in an equally special format. Because of this, Jack and his pilots have spent many hours personally researching Kauai's history, geology, biology and botany. They have read extensively about Kauai and personally spoken to many kupuna (elders) and kamaaina (someone native born) about Kauai's special places and stories. This extensive knowledge is incorporated into the live narration presented during each flight.

Our helicopters are equipped with two-way intercom systems, which allow our pilots to easily converse with their passengers. We do not play prerecorded narratives during our flights. We encourage our passengers to pick up the microphone and talk with their pilot during the flight. This interaction gives the pilots some insight into their passengers' interests and allows the narration to be tailored to each group. Our pilots' narrations receive high marks from our passengers and the authors of guidebooks such as The Kauai Underground Guide and The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook. Our natural history format and the smooth flying skills of our pilots make scenic tours with Jack Harter Helicopters memories that last a lifetime!

"Two years ago we went on a helicopter tour over Maui and we thought we knew what to expect.  We were very, very impressed with this flight.  The narration was great, it kept us interested the whole way.  We will recommend you to all of our friends who visit Kauai."

Mark and Lynn Campbell
Chicago, IL

The diversity of Kauai’s landforms and terrain provides something new and fascinating to view throughout the flight.  Kauai is somewhat round in shape and by convention, most helicopter tours fly around the island in a clockwise direction.  Our 60 and 90-minute tours originate from the Lihue Heliport and we usually visit the following areas:

  • Nawiliwili Harbor and the Menehune Fishpond
  • Kipu Kai and the Tunnel of Trees
  • Manawaiopuna Falls in Hanapepe Valley
  • Olokele Canyon's pristine beauty
  • Waimea Canyon - the Grand Canyon of the Pacific
  • Na Pali's spectacular sea cliffs and valleys
  • The North Shore beaches from Ke'e to Hanalei
  • The Beautiful Bay and Valley of Hanalei
  • Mt. Waialeale - The heart of Kauai's ancient volcano
  • And finally, Wailua Falls

Each tour is unique.  Weather and lighting conditions vary throughout the day, making the above list of scenic areas a guideline of possibilities, not a guarantee.  We will often go into side canyons and valleys if the pilot feels there is something interesting to see and weather conditions permit.  The only area you will see twice on most tours is the heliport.

We feature two scenic tours:
The tours are 60-65 minutes and 90-95 minutes in duration.

Our 60-65 Minute Tour is an excellent overview and introduction to all of Kauai's scenic wonders and is our most popular tour length. This tour affords enough time to allow the pilot to cover all of Kauai's major scenic areas, turning the helicopter to provide views from both sides. Tours lasting less than 60 minutes leave you only wishing you'd been up in the air longer. This tour is available in our AStar and Hughes 500 helicopters.


Our 90-95 Minute Tour is a photographer's dream! This flight is flown at slower speeds and explores deeper into Kauai's valleys and canyons. The pilot is able to turn the helicopter more often, setting up fantastic photographic opportunities. This is Jack's favorite tour and his hallmark. We are the only company on the island that offers a tour of this length. This is by far the best and the most detailed helicopter tour available on Kauai. We offer this tour in our AStar only.

60-65 MINUTE AStar TOUR:
$289.00 per person
$259.00 PER PERSON - $30 savings!
60-65 MINUTE Hughes 500 TOUR:
$309.00 per person
90-95 MINUTE AStar TOUR: 
$434.00 per person

Rates are inclusive of all fees, taxes, and fuel surcharges.

Watch a short video of our tours!

A Few Words About the Lengths of Our Tours

When comparing our tours with those offered by others, look at the dollar per minute costs. You will find that our tours are a sound value. The listed times for our tours are the actual "in-air" times.  We feel that an "hour-long" tour should be in the air for at least an hour, not 55 minutes.   Five minutes during a helicopter tour on Kauai is a significant amount of time.  Following this philosophy, our pilots have more time to descend lower into Kauai's valleys and canyons and turn the helicopter for viewing and photographing the scenery from both sides of the helicopter. We do not count the minutes that are taken loading, starting, or unloading the helicopter as part of your tour time.

Our policy regarding weather:

If we feel the weather is such that it is not worth your time and money for a flight, we will not fly your tour.  Keep in mind that weather patterns vary from hour to hour on Kauai.  The fantastic waterfalls for which Kauai is famous will be viewed on every flight; however, they become less abundant soon after the rain stops.  Do remember that it does take rain to make rainbows!  So, do not let a little rain keep you from taking a flight around Kauai.  Each tour is unique and the exact path flown will vary depending on the weather.

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