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“One of the most amazing things I've ever done. Period.”

This is not to be missed - the most beautiful scenery on Earth from a vantage point that precious few people on the planet will ever experience. I can't recommend this enough!

Atlanta, Georgia
Reviewed December 12, 2011 on

Helicopter Tours on Kauai

“The Best Helicopter Tour of Kauai”

We signed up with Jack Harter Helicopters to tour Kauai in their helicopter with no doors. What a wonderful experience. Their staff is professional, courteous, friendly, helpful, and very informative. If you do only one thing while in Kauai, take this tour!

John S
Tucson, Arizona
Reviewed December 8, 2011 on

Helicopter Tours on Kauai

“Unforgettable experience”

Our helicopter trip with Jack Harter Helicopters was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. The flight was thrilling and the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. Our pilot was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I hope to have more experiences on my travels which comes close to this one. This is the one experience you must have before leaving Kauai since this must be one of the most beautiful places on earth viewed from the air.

Reviewed November 29, 2011 on

Helicopter Tours on Kauai


I had read that if one didn't take a helicopter tour , you would not see 90% of Kauai. The day we arrived but just before take-off the pilot denied the trip for weather. We were able to reschedule the next day. Our copter sat 6 (newlyweds joined us) and had doors. Those who returned from the tour without doors were a bit wet from the rain encountered. The sights are great. We saw a waterfall that was 2000 of many falls we saw. We flew into an area that has over 400 inches of rain a year - thus the many waterfalls. It was great fun. We were able to take really good photos. Our pilot made sure both sides of the copter got to see the same sights so there was no disappointment. The trip lasted 1 hour. The only item to be brought onboard is your camera so leave what you can at home. Well worth the cost.

Reviewed November 11, 2011 – on

Kauai Helicopter Tours

"We have shortened our vocabulary to three words: "WOW", "Incredible", and "Unbelievable". This was the highlight of our stay on Kauai.  Thanks for an "Incredible" experience!"

Judi and Mike O'Shea
Boulder, CO

Kauai Helicopter Tours

"What a wonderful experience – the best part of our trip to Kauai. The narration made it seem like we were on the Discovery Channel!"

Nancy and John O'Brian
Littleton, CO

Kauai Helicopter Tours

"Absolutely superb excursion!  I’m a geologist, former USGS – you’re a terrific story-teller and your facts were right on.  Thanks so much for a trip to remember for a lifetime."

P & N McClellan

Jack Harter Helicopters

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